Resinated Tingis

  • High-efficiency abrasive product, developed on the heaviest paper base
  • E-paper increases the life of the product.
  • Minimizes dirt, especially on softwood wood, thanks to the open grain structure.


Type Dry sanding
Color Yellow or Red
Abrasive Aluminum Oxide
Support E Paper weight
Dusting Open
Binder Urea formalin resin
Packaging Roll 150 mm X 50 m
Grains FEPA P 36 – P 180
Maximum width  Jumbo bobbins 940 mm


  • Wood sizing, sanding and finishing of furniture, interior panels, doors, metal sheets, wall finishing and leather work.
  • Also used on old paint and putty to perfect the finish.
  • The rubbing of the Tingis resisted grains causes particles to tear off the surface of the support.
  • To avoid damaging the surface, pay attention to the speed and pressure applied. Start sanding gently and gradually. Cross your passages so as not to mark your support.