Applied Abrasive Paper

Abrasives are natural or synthetic materials, more or less hard, used for machining, sharpening, finishing, roughing or sanding softer materials.

The high precision and finish of many products is achieved only through the use of abrasive products. The abrasive tool is universal, its use extends to the most diverse industries.

Sanding is used to machine metal, wood, plastic, paint, ceramic, stone, rubber and leather.

Abrasive grains are the active part of the abrasive tool. They are the ones who roughen or polish. Their effectiveness depends on mechanical properties such as hardness, resilience, crumbling resistance, shape, as well as their chemical properties.

Dry sanding abrasive paper

Meant for routine work and manual use only. Our product is made of high quality abrasive grains glued on an E/F paper backing. The fineness of the grains can vary between P36 and P180.

Wet sanding abrasive paper

Waterproof paper designed for automotive body sanding, also used for other applications like wood, varnish, plastic, glass and other hard materials. The backing used in A/B/C paper is latex to provide a waterproof seal.

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