Waterproof Mangouste

  • Excellent resistance of the substrate and glue in water use.
  • A-weight paper backing, high flexibility and durability
  • Very good performance/price ratio


Colour Black and Red
Abrasive Aluminum Oxide
Support Paper weight A and/Or B
Dusting Closed
Epoxy resin
Sheets 230 x 280 mm,
Jumbo bobbins
Grains FEPA P 60 – P 1200
Maximum width
Jumbo bobbins 940 mm


  • Intermediate and final manual sanding. Sanding of hard primary coatings, varnish ginning.

  • Used in industry and vehicle construction and removal of defects from painted surfaces.

  • Remember to touch the sanded surface regularly to follow the progress of your work.

  • Check the condition of your abrasive regularly and replace it when there are no more grains.