Resinated Mangouste

  • Versatile product with excellent sanding power.
  • Resists to fouling.
  • Use on soft or rigid holds
  • Very good material removal rate, even at low sanding pressure
  • Stable and flexible backing paper
  • Very good performance/ price ratio

Caractéristiques Techniques

Type Dry sanding
Color Yellow or Red
Abrasive Aluminum Oxide
Support E Paper weight
Dusting Open
Binder Urea formalin resin
Packaging Roll 150 mm X 50 m
Grains FEPA P 36 – P 180
Maximum width  Jumbo bobbins 940 mm


  • Used for manual sanding on metal, wood, lacquer, paint, primer, plastic, aluminum and leather.
  • Designed for the furniture industry, carpentry, manufacture of ornamental parts, buildings, for the machining of veneer and solid wood as well as the grinding of edges and rhythms.
  • Manual and mechanical use with high level of material removal.